Elon Musk thwarted Ukraine’s attack. He told me to take out the Starlinks

Elon Musk had instructed his employees to disable the Starlink satellites near Crimea to prevent Ukraine from attacking the Russian navy.

CNN reports this, citing Walter Isaacson’s unpublished biography of the billionaire. The television does not specify when the attack by Ukrainian forces is supposed to take place, but the book mentions that the Starlink system in Crimea was limited in 2022, as naval drones filled with explosives approached the Russian fleet.

The biography shows that Ukrainian authorities tried to convince Musk to restore communications, but he refused, claiming Kiev “went too far”. As a result, drones washed up and lost connection.

Musk feared that Russia would use nuclear weapons

According to Isaacson, the billionaire’s decision was motivated by fears that Russian authorities could respond with nuclear weapons. The book says Musk’s fears were triggered by conversations with “high-ranking Russian officials.”

Starlink is not designed for combat. It’s made so people can watch Netflix, relax, go online at school and do good, peaceful things, not drone strikes,” Musk said in an interview for the book.

According to press reports, the businessman began to express concerns about the use of Starlinks in the war as early as fall 2022, and also said that he would not be able to finance the supply of these systems out of his own pocket. Soon after, the Ukrainian military began to complain of intermittent network failures on the front lines.

The Starlink network was deployed in Ukraine shortly after the start of the Russian invasion. In February this year, SpaceX banned the Ukrainian military from using Starlinks for offensive purposes, including piloting drones. In July, The New York Times reported, citing “insiders,” that Musk’s company was limiting the number of satellites in the war zone.

Source: Do Rzeczy