Sentenced to 74 lashes for not wearing a headscarf: “No regrets”

This is a story of pride and struggle for denied human rights from Iran. Activist Zaynab Kazemi, who took off her headscarf during a public event challenging the headscarf ban in the Islamic Republic, was sentenced to 74 lashes by a Tehran court for calling the move “contrary to public morality”.

This was reported by the Iranian human rights activists’ agency Hrana and various opposition media abroad, and it was announced that the sentence was suspended for five years, but that Iranian engineer Kazemi would be executed if he commits another crime during that time. “I have never regretted and still do not feel sorry for speaking out for justice against persecution,” he wrote on Instagram after he was sentenced.

In February, the woman took off her headscarf on stage at an event of the Tehran Assembly of Engineers, criticizing the obligation for women to wear the headscarf in public in Iran. Kazemi, who took off her headscarf and threw it on the ground during the event, said, “I don’t know of an assembly that doesn’t allow women to run without wearing a headscarf.” It was seen in a video that was posted and went viral on the internet at the time. And she soon became an example of courage for all young Iranian women.

Source: Today IT