The president has appointed a new superintendent to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral

By decision of President Emmanuel Macron, Philippe Jost took over the tasks of rebuilding Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris after the tragic death of General Georgelin.

Jean-Louis Georgelin died on August 18 in an accident while hiking in the Pyrenees. A retired military officer oversaw the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Philippe Jost will lead the reconstruction

It is said that the late General and Jost formed a solid tandem. “Jean-Louis Georgelin was of strong character and center stage, leaving Philippe Jost to manage the business and technical details of the operation,” writes Le Figaro. Philippe Jost himself assures that “the timetable now depends on working with original materials such as stone, oak or lead, selected for reconstruction.” He promises that “there will be no vaults made of concrete and covered with stone” and that all work “will be made as in the Middle Ages”.

General Georgelin was a graduate of the military school of Saint-Cyr, Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic in 2002 and Chief of Staff of the French Army from 2006. He was awarded the title of Grand Chancellor of the Legion of Honor and Chancellor of the National Order of Merit.

President Emmanuel Macron has elected him president of the public institution responsible for the preservation and restoration of Notre-Dame in Paris.

In April 2019, Georgelin, then 70, was appointed “Special Representative of the President of the Republic” to carry out the project of rebuilding and restoring Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The internet portal ‘Polonia Christiana’ recalled that in a recent interview for the weekly magazine ‘Valeurs Actuelles’, the general said that he was ‘broken’ after the fire in the cathedral, and that ‘Notre-Dame is the heart of Paris and France . our soul”. He emphasized the importance of the cathedral to French history as a legacy of previous generations.

Fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral

On April 15, 2019, a fire broke out in Notre-Dame Cathedral, which until now has been considered a legacy of the Christian religion. The temple was destroyed, but not completely. The fire consumed part of the vaults and spire of the chapel. The roof of the cathedral collapsed as a result of the fire. The causes of the fire have been investigated by the investigation agency. According to the Public Prosecution Service, there was no intentional arson. It is believed that the reason for the spread of the fire was a mistake during the renovation work.

Source: Do Rzeczy