Volunteers are trained to fight in Ukraine for 3,400 euros a month

There is a company in Spain that, with Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces, trains volunteers to go to Ukraine to fight and promise salaries of up to 3,400 euros a month. There are many candidates, but many retreat before the end of the apparently very difficult training, precisely to simulate the extreme conditions in which real soldiers find themselves on the battlefield.

It seems that the most difficult test to enter the Ukrainian International Legion is to hold the conquered key position for three days. For this, the volunteers spend two nights and three days without sleep, defending the strategic point. “Of the entire course, this is the test with the highest dropout rate,” said Euronews Francisco Galván, director and head coach of GOA Tactics, the only company in Spain dedicated to training people who want to fight in Ukraine. This is followed by other exercises such as running with military equipment on the shoulders, capturing and “cleaning” occupied trenches, and stress testing in a hostile environment. For seven hundred euros, future warriors receive five days of training to experience what will happen on the battlefield.

“Our company has contacts with defense ministries all over the world, including in Ukraine. What we do is evaluate a person interested in fighting and contact them so they can get in touch,” said Galván. The company does not directly recruit volunteers, otherwise it can be compared to a private military company like Wagner’s, but acts as a mediator and issues certificates that it says will be recognized by Kiev. “We have people fighting in Ukraine. One of them went back to Spain to rest for a few months, and at that time the Ukrainian authorities asked him if he could recruit people to fight in the war,” Galván said. said.

While the Ukrainian military refrains from giving exact figures on the number of troops, Statista Research estimates there are 500,000 troops; this number is double the number in service just before the start of the conflict. There is also much speculation about the number of casualties, but US military intelligence estimates 190,000, including wounded, in a year and a half of the war. Overseen by Ukrainian intelligence, the International Legion consists of military volunteers from all over the world. At this time, the number of people fighting in this battalion has not been made public.

The Spanish firm said a front-line position would receive a salary of €2,800 per month, while secondary management would receive a salary of around €1,800 per month. The most coveted position is in the elite units with a salary of up to 3,400 euros per month. Applicants must have at least two years of industry experience in the military, police or security field.

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Source: Today IT