How much we miss a year of monarchy and Queen Elizabeth

What happened to a one-year monarchy without the Queen? “I am deeply grateful for the love and support.” This is King George III, who is reminded of his mother’s disappearance a year ago. Charles’ voice. Queen of England II on September 8, 2022. Elizabeth died at Balmoral Castle at the age of 96.

“I am deeply grateful for the love and support shown to me and my wife throughout this year as we do our best to serve all of you,” King continues.

So what happened to this monarchy year? Carlo tries everything to get his people to love him, but the road is really tough. Very difficult. Charles hasn’t had much support since his coronation, which we remember costing taxpayers over £100m into their wallets.

Next, we recall the layoffs of Clarence House employees who sent a hundred employees home. In August, former royals Harry and Meghan made Buckingham Palace vibrate with truth and lie with their Netflix documentary series. After all, the 74-year-old monarch’s approval a year later is positive for 55 percent of Britons… but the proportion is rising: a year ago it was 44 percent.

But let’s get to today. A year after his death, World War II, which consisted of 6,426 diamonds and 3.6 kg of gold, was worth approximately $23 million. A special coin with Elizabeth’s face was presented as a gift. But in the meantime, speaking of coins and notes, it seems that many “old” pounds are still in circulation throughout the UK, depicting the Queen, so to speak.

The Bank of England has announced that holders of the King Charles image will “go into circulation by mid-2024”, but there are those who say they are not available in small towns in many parts of the Kingdom such as Wales or Scotland. has never even been seen yet. In short, the Queen still lives in the hearts and purses of British citizens, one year after her death.

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Source: Today IT