Guterres’s letter to Lavrov leaked. The UN wants to ease sanctions

“Bild” describes a letter from António Guterres to Sergei Lavrov. It shows that the UN intends to relax sanctions.

The letter, which would reach the German daily newspaper, is dated August 28. The UN is proposing to Moscow to circumvent basic sanctions imposed after the start of the war if Russia leads to the resumption of the grain deal and grain exports from Ukraine.

The Russians are now going to analyze the UN proposal. According to “Bild”, in Moscow they are considering this offer, which would be “too good to be true”.

Ukraine furious

These reports are heavily criticized in Ukraine. Kiev will not agree to loosening sanctions, even if the country receives a grain deal.

– The position of the Ukrainian side remains unchanged: the weakening of part of the sanctions regime against Russia in exchange for restoring the grain deal will be a victory for the Russian food blackmail and an invitation to Moscow for further waves of blackmail – Oleh Nikolenko That a spokesman for the Ukrainian foreign ministry said Friday.

In his view, Russia should be put under pressure to comply with its obligations and not to give in, reinforcing the sense of impunity.

President Volodymyr Zelensky also opposes the relaxation of sanctions.

UEFA begins to ease sanctions against Russia?

UEFA begins to ease sanctions against Russia? According to media reports, Sergei Karasev attended the meeting of arbitrators in Nyon.

Karasev attended the UEFA referee meeting in Nyon, Switzerland from September 3 to 6, and will soon be officiating an international match. According to the findings of journalists, the judge passed all the necessary tests.

Russian football referees have been suspended as part of European Football Association sanctions against Russia over an armed attack on Ukraine. However, according to the portal, UEFA is beginning to ease restrictions on Russians.

Source: Do Rzeczy