Earthquake in Morocco, Tajani: “Two hundred Italians in the region”

“The earthquake occurred in the Marrakesh region. There were around 200 Italians in that region of Morocco at the time of the earthquake. We have no news of injured Italians at the moment.” Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani gave the first information about the presence of citizens in Morocco damaged by the earthquake.

Devastating earthquake in Morocco: More than 600 dead

in conversation omnibus “Our embassy in Rabat, our consulate in Casablanca, our honorary consulate in Marrakesh took immediate action. Messages were sent to all Italians from the crisis unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Tajani said on La 7.

On Farnesina’s “Travel with Confidence” website we read: “For general information and in emergencies, contact the Italian Embassy in Rabat on 00212 661 221324 and the Italian Consulate General in Casablanca on 00212 661 217332”.

Efforts are continuing to ensure the return of tourists to Italy. “The first important thing is to contact all Italians. We are following the development of the situation minute by minute,” said the Farnesina president.

The provisional death toll is currently over 600. However, some areas cannot be reached and therefore it is possible that there are still unofficial victims. There are also hundreds of injured people whose condition is very serious. According to Caritas, “The number of victims is in the hundreds, as are the injured. Thousands of people were left without shelter and suffered great material damage.”

The Italian government has made it available to local authorities for rescue operations and support to the public, as have European institutions and the UN.

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Source: Today IT