New fragments of a Russian drone in the territory of a NATO country

New fragments of a drone similar to that of the Russian army have been found on Romanian territory. The country’s authorities warned NATO.

The case was reported on Saturday by Reuters news agency. As indicated, this is the second time this week that Romanian authorities confirm the discovery of drone parts on its territory, similar to Russian unmanned aerial vehicles.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis discussed this issue with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “During today’s telephone conversation we discussed the identification by the Romanian authorities of new drone parts on our territory, similar to those of drones used by the Russian army,” the Romanian leader said via the social networking site Twitter).

“I strongly condemned the violation of our sovereign airspace, which poses a threat to Romanian citizens,” the politician said. As he said, the head of the North Atlantic Alliance expressed the allies’ full solidarity with Romania, which is “fully protected” and benefits from “the highest security guarantees in history.”

The Romanian military has secured the area where new drone debris fell, which will be analyzed. The incident took place about 2.5 km southeast of the village of Plauru, located on the other side of the Danube from the Ukrainian port city of Izmail.

Russian drone in Romania

On Wednesday, Romanian Defense Minister Angel Tilvar announced that parts of a Russian drone fell on Romanian territory. The North Atlantic Alliance responded to reports from Bucharest that debris found near the Danube may be the remains of a Shahed drone launched by the Russians.

On Monday, the Ukrainian side reported that during the Russian attack on the port of Izmail in Odessa Oblast, Russian Shahed drones crashed and exploded on Romanian territory. However, the government in Bucharest denied these reports at the time, stating that no evidence had been found for the presence of Russian drones.

Source: Do Rzeczy