Chile remains divided fifty years after the coup

Chili He still has an open wound, a wound for which various remedies are given, but which does not heal. September 11, 1973 not only split the country in two, but also marked the beginning of fifty long years in which differences seem to remain irreconcilable, not only between ruling party and the oppositionbut also among the Chilean people that do not consolidate a consensual historical explanation, there is a sector that emphasizes the violations of human rights during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochetand another sector that emphasizes the decisions it has made Salvador Allende and that led to an imbalance in the country Economic collapse.

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The wound is deeper than is believed, since it dates back even before Allende himself took his life in the Palacio de la Moneda, besieged by a military action carried out by the Chilean Armed Forces. His government, the first with a Marxist orientation in the region, had already been weakened by the support that Richard Nixon’s mandate from the United States gave to directly funded opposition groups.

Months earlier, the assassination of General René Schneider and the Tanquetazo had been plotted, a military uprising on June 29 of the same year in which they planned to overthrow the government, and which was later joined by the Air Force High Command and groups within the government . the Carabineros. Moreover, he added Augusto Pinochet, commander-in-chief of the army. All this with the aim not only of overthrowing Allende, but also of putting an end to the coalition of left-wing political parties called Unidad Popular.

Since then, and to this day, countless crimes have been committed in the country, since the brutal murder of the Chilean singer-songwriter, writer and theater director. Victor Jara, until the disappearance of thousands of members of left-wing, socialist and political critics. The numbers? Another reason for the controversy is that some speak of more than three thousand people murdered, at least eighty thousand detainees and more than twelve hundred missing, not to mention the numbers of tortured, which also numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

Source: El heraldo