War in Ukraine, communist Lula winks at Putin: no arrest

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, during an interview with ‘Firstpost’ on the occasion of the G20 meeting held in New Delhi, stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not be arrested if he participates in next year’s summit that will be held in Brazil. “He will be invited – explained Lula -. So I think he can easily go to Brazil. What I can say is that if I am president of Brazil and he comes to Brazil, there is no possibility of him being arrested.” In India, the head of the Russian delegation was Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Lula also returned to the work of the Indian summit, explaining that the G20 is a forum to discuss economic issues, as it was constructed after the 2008-09 global financial crisis, and that it is not an appropriate forum to talk about Russia’s war in Ukraine. . . “The G20 is a forum that was built because of the global financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. From then on, the G20 began to discuss many economic issues, and also began to discuss timber institutions, the World Bank, the International Bank Monetary Fund, in an attempt to improve the functioning of these multilateral institutions. That’s why here in India we didn’t want to discuss the war between Ukraine and Russia. This is not the right place for that”, said the number one from Brasília after the friction between the countries surrounding the declaration on the conflict.

Source: IL Tempo