Hitmen in the Palmar and Buena Esperanza neighborhoods leave two dead and one injured

In recent hours, authorities have confirmed a gun attack in the city Buena Esperanza neighborhood of Barranquilla which resulted in a fatality.

The events took place right at 61st Street and 18th Street, where, according to authorities’ preliminary investigation, two hitmen on a motorcycle opened fire on a man who was there, who was identified as Jefferson Jair Jaramillo Parra34 years old, who was hit several times.

Preliminary, it was learned that the alleged perpetrators of this murderous act fled, while the victim was taken to a nearby health center, where he died from the severity of his injuries.

On the other hand, authorities in the municipality of Palmar de Varela have also confirmed an assassin who killed one man and injured one man, whose identity is unknown.

When authorities arrived on scene, the injured victim was transported on a motorcycle. The community reported that a person was lying on the ground with gunshot wounds in a house in the same sector. The man lay on the floor of the home’s patio with several gunshot wounds and no vital signs.

According to what the community has stated, the victims were on public roads in the sector and were approached by persons who attacked the victims.

Authorities indicated the victims were drinking liquor in a public place minutes before the attack.

Source: El heraldo