Ukraine, time almost up for counteroffensive: deadline set

It is still too early to determine whether the Ukrainian counter-offensive failed or not, there are still 30-45 working days left. The American Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, who sincerely commented on the initiative against Russia in an interview with the BBC, established the limits of Ukraine’s action to recover the territories: “The offensive began about 90 days ago. It was slower than expected. But there is a difference between what Clausewitz called war on paper and real war. There are still 30 or 45 days of fighting left before the rains and cold arrive. It’s too early to say how this will end.”

Milley is certainly not very enthusiastic about the advances, but he is cautious: “The Ukrainians have had partial successes in what they have done and that is important. Then the rains will come. And it will be very muddy. At that moment it will be difficult to maneuver and then winter will arrive. At this point we will see how things are going. But it is now too early to say whether the counteroffensive failed or not.”

Meanwhile, the Kiev army took responsibility for the partial liberation of Opytne, a village near the Avdiivka area of ​​Donetsk oblast. «Last week we went towards Opytne. The Defense Forces recaptured part of the settlement,” said Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar, noting that partial successes were also achieved in the Novomaiorske area of ​​the same oblast. Maliar then announced that Russian forces have practically destroyed the cities of Marinka and Avdiivka, but are unable to conquer them. The war continues unabated.

Source: IL Tempo