Two-year-old girl disappears after being found in serious condition in a pond near her home

A 2-year-old girl who disappeared from home was found in serious condition in a pond approximately 200 meters away from her home. It was learned that the little girl, who was taken to the hospital, was in serious condition and was fighting for her life. The tragic story happened in Hampshire, England.

The family reported the little girl’s disappearance to the local police at 17:00 on Sunday, September 10, after all traces of the little girl disappeared and they could no longer find her anywhere in her parents’ house in Kingsley village. After intensive search efforts were immediately initiated, the little girl was found in a pond near her home, approximately 200 meters away, and was taken to the hospital.

Police teams are investigating the area to understand whether the little girl left the house alone and walked to the pond, or whether someone kidnapped her with a terrible intention to harm her. The large pond is located just under 100 meters from the nearest houses and is approximately 175 meters long and 72 meters wide.

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Source: Today IT