“Prigozhin is alive, that’s where he is.” The political scientist’s theory and the return in the event of Putin’s death

Yevgeny Prigozhin is alive and well. At least according to political scientist Valery Solovey, who denies all reconstructions about the death of Wagner’s boss and founder, killed in an attack during a flight on one of his private jets. But for the expert things were different: “Prigozhin is not dead and is in Venezuela. I promised to tell you where Prigozhin is. He is in Venezuela. As far as I know, it is located on an island called Margarita. He is enjoying life at a great resort. Prigozhin was warned of his murder and that his plane would be destroyed. Prigozhin has reportedly been ordered to go into hiding, but may be allowed to return after Vladimir Putin’s death to lead a force of 5,000 Wagner mercenaries who will be armed and ready for use in the event of an imminent battle between clans competing for power.”

Solovey, in the article translated by Dagospia, reports an imminent critical situation in Russia: “Putin is terminally ill and all current public appearances are the work of two lookalikes controlled by the secret services. Putin may not survive the fall. The Wagners should be used as death squads, to get rid of those who will try to resist a new government coalition linked to Patrushev.” His theories will further trigger the conspiracy theories that emerged immediately after the plane crash.

Source: IL Tempo