Dog drools and farts on plane: Couple wants refund

Gill and Warren Press arrived on the first leg of their journey from Europe to New Zealand, flying 13 hours from Paris to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. However, their trip did not go as they expected and was ruined by a dog. The couple, originally from Wellington, New Zealand, complained about the presence of a dog sitting next to their Premium Economy seat.

“The dog is farting, the smell is unbearable”

“I heard this sound; a loud growl,” Ms Press told the site Thing -. I thought it was my husband’s phone, but when we looked down we noticed the dog was breathing. “I said, ‘I’m not going to sit next to us for the whole trip.'”

When he asked the female flight attendant if they could move, he discovered that the only seats available were the back seats of economy class. So the couple stayed where they were, but the situation became increasingly difficult.

“Her head was under my husband’s feet”

About halfway through the trip the smell became unbearable because the dog was “farting”. And according to the lady, the dog was too close, just under her arms, because the owner “could not bring the dog into the aisle because otherwise they could not pass the cars, so he had to go further: his head was under my husband’s feet.”

To confirm her words, the woman added that her husband “was wearing shorts and soiled his leg with the dog’s saliva.” At this point, the couple managed to move to the seats at the front of the economy class, where the cabin crew had previously occupied.

Refund request comes: Ms. Matbaa does not accept it

After the accident, the company assured the couple it would contact them, but Ms. Press reported ThingEven though a week passed, they did not receive any news. They then decided to complain via email and were eventually offered a travel voucher for NZ$200, which equated to around 110 euros each.

Ms. Press did not like this and called the offer “unacceptable” because they were both “not going to get the experience they paid for” because they were downgraded by moving. A Singapore Airlines spokesman said the company contacted the couple directly.

“Singapore Airlines is committed to alerting customers to sitting next to an assistance dog before boarding their flights,” the company said in a statement. “We sincerely apologize and will work with our airport teams to ensure this mistake is not repeated in the future.” If customers seated next to the guide dog need to be moved, Singapore Airlines will assist customers in reseating them. the same cabin as space allows.”

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Source: Today IT