Ukraine, Podolyak is also triggered at the UN: promotes war and kneels before Putin

Franco. Again. The main adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mykhailo Podolyak, accused the United Nations of “promoting” war in Ukraine following the alleged “secret proposal” that the UN presented to Russia regarding the cereal export agreement. “This proposal is the most humiliating and offensive possible for the world order”, thundered Podolyak in a conversation with the UNIAN agency, guaranteeing that the “golden conditions” offered to the Kremlin not only eliminate many pressures on Russia, but also open other doors to circumvent sanctions.

Podolyak assured that this alleged initiative by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, who would have proposed the lifting of the main sanctions against Moscow in exchange for the resumption of the cereal export agreement, “openly invites the world to kneel before Russia » . For Podolyak, this “green cloak” offered to Russia is not only offensive to Ukraine’s interests, but also counterproductive for the rest of the world, as the Kremlin understands that it can continue to put pressure on it. Not only has Russia withdrawn from the export agreement, but it is also “ostentatious” destroying Ukrainian port infrastructure, Podolyak recalled. «He wants to destroy our industry, he wants to eliminate a competitor, offer his own product to compensate for the losses. Russia not only wants the lifting of sanctions, but also the redistribution of the market and, hiding behind these UN proposals, it will continue to do so”, noted President Zelensky’s advisor, who in recent days had already used inflammatory words in his comparisons between the Vatican and Pope Francis on mediation to end the war.

Source: IL Tempo