Born in 2024 here is Steadfast Defender: maxi-exercise to scare Russia

NATO is preparing the largest joint command exercise since the Cold War for next year. With more than 40,000 soldiers involved, the maneuvers will simulate the Alliance’s reaction to Russian aggression against one of its members. The Financial Times revealed the Atlantic axis plans, explaining how the Steadfast Defender exercise will begin in the spring of next year and will involve between 500 and 700 aerial combat missions, more than 50 ships and around 41,000 troops. The exercise will simulate potential maneuvers against an enemy modeled after a Russian-led coalition called Occasus. Steadfast Defender will also include Sweden, whose NATO candidacy has not yet been ratified by Turkey and Hungary, bringing the total number of nations involved to 32 (Finland is now a full member). Since the start of the war in Ukraine, NATO has carried out some exercises, but never one on this scale: have fears of a direct conflict with Moscow increased?

Source: IL Tempo