Kim Jong-un travels by armored train to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will travel to Russia, where he will meet with President Vladimir Putin, accompanied by Foreign and Defense Ministers Choe Son-hui and Kang Sun-nam, and senior military representatives, including the director of the Industrial Department of Munitions, as shown in photos published by state media on Monday.

Photos published by the KCNA agency show a farewell ceremony for Kim and his entourage in Pyongyang, where his armored train left for Russia on Sunday afternoon (local time), the text said.

Both North Korean and Russian official sources remain without officially confirming when and where the meeting between the two leaders will take place, which is expected to take place next Wednesday in the city of Vladivostok, in the Russian Far East.

The KCNA photos show that behind the North Korean leader, a group queuing to board the train includes Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui, Defense Minister Kang Sun -nam. , two members of the Politburo Presidium, Ri Pyong-chol and Pak Jong-chon (both army marshals), or the director of the Industrial Munitions Department, Jo Chun-ryong.

The presence of the high command and of Jo, who presided over Kim Jong Un’s recent visit to a munitions factory, appears to be consistent with information reported last week by the New York Times, which stated that Putin North Korea would like Korea to sell Russian artillery and anti-tank missiles that Moscow could use in Ukraine.

The Industrial Ministry of Munitions has been sanctioned by UN Security Council resolutions since 2016, which considers that it “oversees the weapons production and R&D programs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (official name of the country), including the ballistic missile program. .

The delegation accompanying Kim also includes Pak Thae-song, secretary for science and education of the Workers’ Party Central Committee, which has ties to the North Korean space program.

The New York Times indicated in its information that during his meeting with Putin, Kim hoped to receive in return, in addition to food aid, advanced technology for the manufacture of satellites.

The newspaper also reported that Pyongyang would be interested in technology transfer for nuclear submarines, while South Korean intelligence has assured that the Kremlin has proposed to the North Korean regime to carry out joint maritime maneuvers.

In this sense, the Navy’s High Command, Kim Myong-sik, is also included in the delegation.

Any exchange of weapons or technologies related to North Korea would imply a violation of several sections contained in the nine sanctions resolutions adopted by the UN against Pyongyang so far.

Source: El heraldo