Kim Jong Un in Russia. Peskov responds to the American warning

– Russia and North Korea are “not interested” in US warnings, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Kim Jong-un’s meeting with Vladimir Putin could take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, The New York Times reported on Monday. The talks are likely to take place in Vladivostok.

The leaders of North Korea and Russia will discuss the possibility of supplying Moscow with North Korean weapons for the war in Ukraine. In addition, Pyongyang will try to obtain from the Kremlin the technology to build a nuclear submarine and create a spy satellite.

Peskov responds to the US

The US warned North Korea about the visit. “I think it would be a big mistake for North Korea to provide ammunition to continue the war in Ukraine,” US Vice President Kamala Harris said recently. According to the American politician, such actions by both Moscow and Pyongyang would lead to further isolation. – It is clear that Russia is in a very desperate situation. They have already suffered a strategic defeat. Consider that at the beginning of all this, a year and a half ago, commentators said it would be over in a few days. And the Ukrainians are still fighting, Harris noted.

Meanwhile, a Kremlin spokesman said Russia and North Korea were “not interested” in US warnings. – As you know, the interests of our two countries in our relations with our neighbors, including North Korea, are important to us and we will focus on them, and not on Washington’s warnings, Peskov said.

Kim Jong Un in Russia

In the morning, the media received information that the Korean leader had reached Russia. Kim Jong Un arrived in a special armored train. The train station in Ussuriysk in Primorsky Krai was completely closed after the arrival of the train, the Readovka portal reported.

The first photos of Kim Jong Un’s arrival appeared on the Internet.

Source: Do Rzeczy