Ukraine, new attack on the UN: “It only serves the pensions of its leaders”

There is great tension between Ukraine and the UN. Mikhaylo Podolyak, advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, takes the issue further after yesterday’s attack and harshly criticizes the organization and the IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency – calling them “fictitious organizations”. In particular – according to Podolyak – the United Nations would be an “absent” organization and “a lobbying office whose sole purpose is to earn money for the pensions of people in management positions”, his words to the Ukrainian YouTube channel Vlast versus Vlashenko.

Furthermore, in a post on social media, Zelensky’s trusted man spoke of Putin who continues to repeat that everything is fine, but in the meantime “Russia is slowly sinking and no one can stop this historic process. The task of the free world is accelerate the speed of Putin’s defeat.” Commenting on the Russian president’s speech at the Far East Economic Forum taking place in Vladivostok, Podolyak said: “Today, the entire speech made by Putin, addressed to domestic elites after Prigozhin’s assassination, can be summed up with the mantra ‘everything is going as planned, Russia is stronger than ever, the West is weak and cowardly, so whoever left the group made a mistake. This compulsive wishful thinking, which lasted for hours, only demonstrates internal concerns about its legitimacy. We need to look not at the tree, but in the forest. Russia is slowly sinking and no one can stop this historic process. The task of the free world is to accelerate the speed of Putin’s defeat.”

Yesterday the first attack took place on the UN, accused of “promoting” the war in Ukraine following the alleged “secret proposal” that the body presented to Russia in relation to the wheat export agreement. “This proposal is the most humiliating and offensive possible for the world order,” said Podoliak in a conversation with the UNIAN agency, assuring that the “golden conditions” offered to the Kremlin not only eliminate many pressures on Russia, but also open other doors to circumvent sanctions.

Source: IL Tempo