Sisters die after saving a shocked boy in a swimming pool

What started as a day of sun and swimming ended in one terrible tragedy. Two sisters try to save a child who asked for it staff in the pool they died as a result of the electric shocks they received the moment they entered contact with water.

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The incident took place in the city TequilaJalisco, and according to local media it all started when a child was in the pool He noticed that he felt ‘touches’.

Immediately one of the girls present stood out He jumped into the water to save the minor, However, with such bad luck that the area was already completely electrified, causing the current to completely penetrate it. almost immediately.

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At the request of Staff of the child were added to those of the 31-year-old woman, i.e. her sister, of 29launched to try to save both.

And the young woman, although she managed to get the child out, unfortunately he passed away with his sister because of the strong electric shock they received as soon as they entered the pool.

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The minor was taken to a health center Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), based in Tequila, where he is recovering from injuries caused by the to downloadwhile Jalisco authorities confirmed this dead of the sisters.

According to TV Azteca, the hypotheses of the Mexican authorities point out that “the system of lightning of the pool would have been the cause of the electrification in the area, already register an error”.

However, this information is premature That is why the Public Prosecution Service is already working on one research to clarify the events that took place in a estate in the above mentioned city.

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Source: El heraldo