Flood in Derna, shocking images from Libya: “One quarter of the city is no longer there”

The death count is just beginning. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Eastern Libya, the death toll in the terrible floods that hit eastern Libya and especially the city of Derna after the arrival of Hurricane Daniel rose to at least 5,200 and 8,226 were missing. Libya, Tariq Al-Kharraz, as reported by local media. However, the Ministry of Health warns that the death toll may rise up to 10 thousand.

“25 percent of the city of Derna was completely destroyed”

Up to 227 millimeters of rain fell on the coast of Cyrenaica in three days. On average, rainfall in the same regions is less than one millimeter per day. The power of Hurricane Daniel comes from the very high temperature of the Mediterranean Sea; it was a “tropical-type hurricane”, a vertical depression fueled by the energy of a very warm sea. The death toll continues to rise: In the east, where the dams have collapsed, the number of confirmed deaths in Derna alone is around six thousand.

About a quarter of the city “isn’t there anymore”, the tornado made a clean sweep: “It’s like a tsunami”. A large part of the center with a population of 120 thousand was flooded. Houses, cars and people were swept into the Mediterranean. 25 percent of the city of Derna was completely destroyed due to the flood caused by Hurricane Daniel, which hit the east of Libya. It was stated in this advertisement Al Jazeera “The bodies of the dead are scattered all over the city,” said Hisham Abdullah Abushekiwat, Minister of Aviation in the Tobruk parliament-appointed government.

Mohammed Kamati, a volunteer in Derna, said rescue teams were still trying to recover the bodies. “We are asking all young Libyans, anyone with a degree or a medical profession, to come and help us,” he told the news agency. Reuters. “We are short of nurses, we need help.”

Hydraulic engineering experts said: BBC It is likely that a dam about 12 km from Derna broke first, sending the mass of water downstream and overcoming a second dam closer to the city.

Help from Italy and the rest of the world

“Storm Daniel hit the city of Derna in Cyrenaica and the entire Libyan region. We immediately offered assistance to the Ministry of Defense and our Armed Forces for the flooded areas, as in Morocco, which was affected by the earthquake.” Thus, Defense Minister Guido Crosetto followed the floods that hit Libya. The first evaluation team started yesterday with the participation of the Ministry of Defense. The defense will immediately provide all necessary assistance following field reconnaissance.

Humanitarian aid also began arriving from Egypt, but rescue efforts were hampered by the political situation in Libya as the country was divided between two rival governments. The United States, Germany, Iran, Qatar and Turkey are among the countries that say they have sent or are ready to send aid. There’s no time to waste.

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Source: Today IT