Kim Yo-jong, who is Kim Jong-un’s sister: main advisor and possible heir

Kim Yo-jong is always by Kim Jong-un’s side during his visit to Russia. The sister of the North Korean leader and youngest daughter of North Korea’s second supreme leader, Kim Jong Il, absent in the first images taken of the armored train leaving Pyongyang, appeared alongside her brother in those taken at the Vostochny cosmodrome, where he held the meeting between Kim and Vladimir Putin. High-ranking politician and diplomat, formally deputy director of the publicity and information department of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim appears in a photo behind her brother who intends to write a message in the cosmodrome’s guest book: «The glory of Russia , which gave rise to the first conquerors of space, will be immortal.”

Kim Yo-Jong is one of the main figures on the North Korean political scene and an important advisor to Kim. She was present in Singapore in 2018, when her brother met with the then US president, Donald Trump – and on that occasion she was seen passing documents to her brother. At the second historic summit in Vietnam, she was seen peeking shyly from behind a wall.

She also served as North Korea’s representative at the 2018 Winter Olympics, hosted by South Korea, and was photographed sitting with Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence. In photographs published by North Korea’s official news agency, she is often present at official events, but is always careful to walk several steps behind her brother. Although her discreet and modest demeanor is impressive, Kim is actually seen as a possible successor to her brother, and has gained a fearsome reputation over the years as she has gradually established herself at the country’s political summits. While her brother underwent medical treatment in October 2014, she took over many of his duties and the following month was named first deputy director of the party’s powerful propaganda department, responsible for spreading North Korean propaganda and developing North Korea’s cult of personality. his brother, modeled on that of his grandfather. And in 2021 she was promoted to the country’s main decision-making body, the State Affairs Commission, led by her brother.

Source: IL Tempo