Héctor Abad was honored by the President of the European Commission

Colombian writer Héctor Abad Faciolince, who survived the Russian attack in Ukraine this summer that killed Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina, was honored by European Commission (EC) President Ursula in the State of the EU debate on Wednesday von der Leyen, who told him that Europe will “keep alive the memory of Amelina and all the victims” of the war.

In the most emotional moment of the speech, Abad – in the chamber of the European Parliament next to the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell – held up a photo of the late Ukrainian writer to the members of the European Parliament and received the longest applause of the day, while the Members of the European Parliament stood.

“Héctor never thought he would be the target of the attacks. He later said he didn’t know why he was alive and she had died. But now he is telling the world about Victoria, to protect her memory and bring closure to this war,” he said. Addressing Abad to pledge that Europe will “keep alive the memory of Victoria and all the victims,” Von der Leyen said.

Von der Leyen told how Amelina had recognized herself as ‘home’ when she arrived in Europe and fled Ukraine for the Czech Republic after the Russian invasion to keep her youngest son safe, because ‘home is where we trust each other and the Ukrainians felt that they the Europeans.

Amelina “was one of the great young writers of her generation and a tireless activist for justice” and returned to Ukraine to continue documenting Russian war crimes in her country after ensuring her son was safe, von der Leyen recalled .

“A year later, she was killed by a Russian ballistic missile while dining with other fellow writers. She was the victim of a Russian war crime, one of countless attacks on innocent civilians,” the German complained.

Von der Leyen was referring to the “Wait a minute, Ukraine” initiative to tell Latin Americans about Russian attacks on civilians, which both Abad and former Colombian High Commissioner for Peace Sergio Jaramillo, both at a dinner that day with the journalist Catalina Gómez; All three survived virtually unscathed.

Source: El heraldo