Germans are skeptical about support for Ukraine

Part of German society is against providing financial support to Ukraine for post-war reconstruction. Experts point to great skepticism among Germans.

According to information published on the website of the daily newspaper Welt, recent surveys indicate that some Germans are skeptical about financial support for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Germany has a similar view about the occupied country’s accession to, among others, the European Union or the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO).

The German Marshall Fund’s ‘Transatlantic Trends’ survey was published on Tuesday, showing that 57 percent of German citizens support financial aid to Ukraine for post-war reconstruction. Experts note that the skepticism of German citizens is higher compared to that in Europe. Interestingly, 38 percent of respondents clearly emphasize their opposition to providing funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war with Russia.

Ukraine a member of the EU?

In July 2022, the European Union indicated to the authorities in Kiev the areas in which reforms are needed if Ukraine wants to become a member of the Community. Under these guidelines, Ukraine has so far met two of the seven requirements. However, it must continue to implement changes in the areas of justice, the rule of law, the fight against corruption and fundamental rights.

– The enlargement of the European Union is a necessary geopolitical consequence of the war waged by Russia. Amid a hail of bombs, confronted by Russian tanks, Ukraine set out confidently and resolutely towards the EU, said Annalena Baerbock, the German Foreign Minister, who arrived in Kiev on Monday. The politician stressed in the Ukrainian capital that Germany “strongly supports Ukraine in its efforts to become a member of the Community.” Her words are interesting in the context of the results of the published German Marshall Fund survey “Transatlantic Trends”.

Source: Do Rzeczy