Ukraine, missiles on the Rostov submarine: blow to Putin’s fleet in Crimea

Attack on Russian naval forces. In the Ukrainian attack on the Sevastopol shipyard in Russian-occupied Crimea, a Russian landing craft, a submarine and port infrastructure were damaged in the early hours of Wednesday, 13 September. Significant damage confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Moscow said Ukrainian forces launched 10 cruise missiles and three maritime drones against the Crimean shipyard used by the Russian Black Sea Fleet. According to Russian and American experts, Corriere della Sera reported, the shipyard suffered extensive damage. There are two large fire cannons. Vladimir Putin’s fleet: the Rostov-on-Don submarine and the Minsk and Ropucha class amphibious assault ship.

The first is a ship that costs “300 million dollars and was launched in 2014”, a “Kilo-class submarine, one of the most important in the Black Sea fleet, capable of launching Kalibr missiles”, the analysis reads. A submarine used, for example, to attack grain ports, for example, such as Izmail, on the border with Romania.

Another interesting aspect is that according to Sky News, which cites Ukrainian and Russian sources, “Storm Shadows, the British missiles supplied to Kiev, were used to target Navy ships. the world from Moscow”.

Source: IL Tempo