Court terms suspended due to cyber attack

The Supreme Council of the Judiciary, through a publication on the social network, announced the judicial conditions in the national territory from September 14 to September 20, 2023 as a result of recent cyber attacks on state entities.

These are cyber attacks on the judiciary assigned to IFX Networks Colombia SAS, a company that provides data storage services to various state entities.

What the Supreme Court of the Judiciary has made clear is that the aforementioned agreement for the suspension of time limits does not apply to guardianship actions, habeas corpus and the guarantee control function.

Since last Tuesday, at least four state entities, such as the regulators of Industry and Commerce, and Health, the Supreme Council of the Judiciary and the Ministry of Health, were without virtual services due to ‘Ransomware’ or a digital kidnapping of information against IFX Network, a American internet company that works with the affected portals. The malicious code prevents the use of the equipment or systems it infects.

For this reason, the government has urgently convened a joint command post to analyze what happened and draw up a contingency plan.

And the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced this Wednesday on its social networks that it is investigating the cyber attacks through the Specialized Directorate against Computer Crime, highlighting a prosecutor and a team of judicial police to carry out the corresponding investigation.

Source: El heraldo