A Russian fighter shot at a British plane. There were attempts to cover up the incident

According to the BBC, a Russian pilot almost shot down a British RAF plane. The incident took place last year.

A Russian fighter pilot tried to shoot down a Royal Air Force (RAF) surveillance plane over the Black Sea, thinking he had been cleared to open fire, the BBC reports, citing three Western intelligence sources.

According to these reports, on September 29, 2022, an RAF RC-135 Rivet Joint with a crew of up to 30 was conducting an observation mission over the Black Sea in international space when it encountered two Russian Su-27 fighters.

Russian correspondence intercepted by Rivet Joint shows that one of the pilots received ambiguous orders from the ground, which he misinterpreted as permission to fire. He then fired an air-to-air missile at the British plane, but the missile failed to reach its target and missed.

One step away from war. One pilot fired, the other got angry

Despite a reprimand from the pilot of the second Su-27, who allegedly used obscene words towards his colleague, the first pilot attempted to fire the second missile, but according to the BBC the missile “fell off the wing”, which means that either there was a malfunction or the shooting was interrupted.

The Russian Ministry of Defense subsequently tried to explain the entire incident as a “technical malfunction”. Then-Defense Secretary Ben Wallace called it a “potentially dangerous confrontation” but accepted Moscow’s explanation.

According to Pentagon leaks published online in the spring, U.S. intelligence described the incident as a “near shooting” that could potentially be considered an act of war.

The BBC points out that there are several reasons why the British Ministry of Defense tried to keep the whole thing secret. First, Britain did not want to reveal the extent of the intelligence collection or the details of the intercepted communications. Second, neither side wanted an escalation that could potentially draw a NATO member into a military confrontation with Russia.

Source: Do Rzeczy