Kiev’s plan to take Crimea from Russia

As Ukraine’s counteroffensive continues, Kiev’s big goal is to recapture Crimea. Determined to take back the regions occupied by the Russian army, Zelensky’s armed forces see the peninsula as a priority in the war that started 18 months ago. It is a strategic area that Kiev plans to retake by achieving three goals.

Ukraine’s plan to seize Crimea from Russia

A strategy outlined by Mykhailo Podolyak, advisor to President Volodymyr Zelensky. “First: We must clear the skies over the peninsula in order to destroy Russian weapons, equipment and infrastructure of logistical value. That is why anti-missile and air defense systems are being hit,” explains Podolyak, who started the discussion. “Secondly – added Podolyak – we must stop the constant large-scale supplies with the influx of resources and reserves into the conflict zone. Therefore, we aim to destroy means and connections, including illegal structures such as bridges across the Kerch Strait.”

“Third: We must remove the remnants of the Russian fleet from the Crimean territorial waters to the Black Sea and restore the original status of the Black Sea. For this, Russian infrastructure and ships are being hit,” says Podolyak, indirectly referring to recent recent events. Operations hit a shipyard in Sevastopol, damaging a ship and a submarine. In the last 24 hours, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed responsibility for shooting down 11 Ukrainian UAVs, and the Kerch bridge, which is vital for the connection between Crimea and Russia, was closed for several hours.

Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the East

Over the last few hours, the Ukrainian military claims that the counter-offensive has moved not only south (in the Zaporizhzhya region) but also east, into the area around Bakhmut, which has been at the center of the conflict for months. winter. In particular, Kiev forces advanced in the Andriivka village area. “Progress has been made, but intense clashes continue,” says deputy defense minister Hanna Maliar, who confirmed reports provided by the third assault brigade documenting intense fighting in the Andriivka and Klishchiivka areas: “It is unwarranted and premature. about talk and victory”. “The enemy does not want to leave the settlements and continues to fight,” says Maliar.

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Source: Today IT