Mahsa Amini, Amjad father arrested on his death anniversary

Amjad Amini, father of Mahsa Amini, the girl killed on September 16, 2022 in Iran after being detained for not wearing her headscarf correctly, was detained by Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps forces immediately after leaving home. According to Hangaw, an NGO that works to protect human rights, Amjad Amini was detained by the Revolutionary Guard who showed up in the morning in front of his residence on “Mamosta Hajjar” street, in the university district of Saqqez.

Government authorities, according to the NGO, had ordered the Amini family not to hold celebrations for the anniversary of the girl’s death, but the young woman’s family declared in a statement that, “like any bereaved family, we, the Amini family, will gather at the grave of our beloved daughter Jina (Mahsa) Amini, on the anniversary of her death, and we will celebrate traditional and religious memorial ceremonies.” Amjad Amini has been summoned for questioning by various security agencies at least four times in recent weeks, the NGO reports, according to which two other members of the Amini family were also arrested on Tuesday, September 12, during an operation by security forces. intelligence in Saqqez and remain detained with uncertain custody status. The city of Saqqez, especially around the Amini family residence and the streets leading to the Aichi cemetery (Mihsa’s tomb), was heavily militarized, with military and security forces stationed in all areas equipped and armed.

The arrest was temporary and Mahsa’s father was released just hours later and Iranian security forces also imposed severe restrictions on the Aichi cemetery, where Amini is buried, and where protests began the day after her death in 2022.

Source: IL Tempo