Taiwan, China flexes its muscles and surrounds the island with more than 100 fighters

New tension in the East. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced that it detected 103 Chinese military planes in the vicinity of the island, a number that represents a notable increase compared to the rest of the missions carried out by Chinese forces. “A total of 103 flights over the sea were detected, which represents a large and recent increase and has caused serious consequences for the security of the Taiwan Strait and the region. A serious challenge,” the ministry wrote on its website.

Taiwanese authorities stressed that peace and stability in the region are closely linked to the security, prosperity and well-being of the Indo-Pacific region: «Continued military aggression by the communist army could easily lead to a sharp increase in tension and a worsening of regional security. We call on the authorities in Beijing to shoulder their responsibilities and immediately put an end to such destructive unilateral actions.” The avalanche of fighters around the island is increasing tension and is also a message from China to the US, which continues to support Taipei , including with military aid.

Source: IL Tempo