Chapter 43 | Apr 13, 2022

Cooking with Sandra!

Today Sandra is making a Nigerian rice dish with chili and tomato sauce. There is also a tasty and satisfying spice called madame jeanette peppers. In addition, Sandra will also prepare fried bananas. Do you want to do it yourself? Read the recipe here!

Metamorphosis (1/2)

Tom works today in a beautiful garden by the sea in Almere. Mirjam had laid out a beautiful lawn in his garden, but when his dog Sam joined, his lawn turned into a digging paradise. He wants to let the nature of his environment continue in his garden but doesn’t know how to do that with a dog like Sam. Do you want to know what solutions Tom has for this? See here what Tom’s plans are and how it started.

big egg party

Nina and Lois do a lot of interior design. And that includes, of course, the decoration of the Easter table. They wanted to make something unique and show you how to make these unique Easter decorations yourself. Do you also want to do this for your Easter table? Look here!

Take a look inside…

Anna bought her Amsterdam apartment three years ago. He was a bit old-fashioned and a student. But after a renovation, Anna let her own unique style shine. Curious what it looks like? Watch the trailer here.

To adopt

Suppose you adopt a dog: are you going to adopt a puppy or a young adult dog? Veterinarian Piet talks in the episode about the benefits of a young adult dog versus the benefits of a puppy. Also today the dog took Kik to the studio. Kik is still looking for a nice family. Would you like to know more about the tips from Piet and Kik? Read here!

watch episode? That is possible in Videoland: Eigen Huis & Tuin Lekker Leven, season 4, episode 43.

Source: RTL