The country that allowed 250 thousand immigrants to enter Europe in exchange for bribes

This is the government that, together with the Hungarian government, is trying to block the EU agreement on refugees, which would introduce a mandatory solidarity mechanism for the benefit of first destination countries such as Italy. But for some time now, thanks to a corrupt article, Poland has been allowing tens of thousands of immigrants to enter the EU by issuing visas in exchange for bribes. A scandal that has shaken Pis, Warsaw’s majority party and an ally of Giorgia Meloni in Europe.

According to some local media reports, from 2021 to today, some officials of Polish consular offices scattered around the world, especially in Africa and Asia, distributed approximately 250 thousand visas for entry into the EU, collecting more than 5 thousand euros per visa. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki admitted that his party was not involved in the scandal, which has already led to three officials being jailed, but the deputy foreign minister to whom the consular offices were attached was dismissed, although there are no formal charges yet against him. load.

Pis has formed part of the broad consensus in his home country by taking a strong jab at illegal immigration. Due to the upcoming political elections, the right-wing party has launched a referendum on reforming the EU’s rules on immigrants. Within the scope of this reform, EU countries are obliged to provide solidarity to the states in the bloc facing the migration crisis. Solidarity can be achieved either by accepting refugees with a quota or by paying 20 thousand euros to Brussels for each immigrant who is not accepted. The plan is expected to be particularly helpful to landlocked countries such as Italy.

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Source: Today IT