They capture a man who grows hydroponics in El Silencio’s house

The Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla reported on Monday the arrest in flagrante delicto of a man who had a hydroponic crop for the production of marijuana in a house in the El Silencio neighborhood, in the southwest of the city.

According to the authorities’ report, the arrest was carried out by units of the Criminal Investigation Department (Sijín) through search procedures, within the framework of the ‘360 Security Shock Plan Strategy’.

Brigadier General Jorge Urquijo, commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, indicated that upon arriving at the property, the uniformed officers found “a hydroponic crop with all the technology to grow, process and criminally market marijuana.”

In addition, the institution detailed that “2 tents for hydroponics, 19 marijuana plants, 4 bags of fertilizers against pests, white ventilation pipes in the shape of an accordion, 200 ecstasy pills, 325 small boxes of LSD, 2,500 grams of marijuana, 4 grams of tusi, 48 THC chewing gum, 115 grams of amphetamine, 43 grams of ephedrine, a traumatic pistol-shaped firearm of caliber 9 mm and a supplier with 7 cartridges.

Police investigations revealed that the seized tents were used as greenhouses for growing marijuana and that the captured individual was allegedly devoted to the distribution of narcotics through the modality of “home delivery.”

The detained subject was made available to the constituent authorities to answer for the crimes of trafficking, manufacturing or possession of narcotic drugs and illegal possession of a firearm.

One captured in the south-west of the city, for the crimes of trafficking, production or possession of narcotic drugs and illegal possession of a firearm.

Source: El heraldo