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Author: Jorge Alcocer V.

Once the formality is resolved, #EsClaudia, the National Palace has not completed processing the adjustments to the orders, positions and people that give meaning and order to the passing of the command baton.

Due to customs and customs inherited from their parents’ tribal customs, formalities in Morena are not their strong point. Without a decision-making council, its national governing bodies are mere decorative elements, giving the appearance of compliance with the rules and regulations applicable to political parties.

The first decisions had to wait for the owner and owner to return to their homeland.

Passing the baton in a syncretic ceremony, with the Templo mayor and the cathedral in front as a backdrop, the virtual presidential candidate took several days to make adjustments and place the pieces on his board. Despite the instantaneous connection, it is not easy to pay attention and resolve the numerous details that this rearrangement involves in a remote conference.

My guess is that the pressure is on multiple fronts, as evidenced by the rumors and leaks that have been making the rounds on digital networks this past Saturday and Sunday. On the one hand, there is the threat of Marcelo Ebrard leaving and breaking. On the other hand, the pressure from Adán Augusto López to take over the presidency of Morena, or at least the coordination of Claudia’s election campaign, is fueled by the “friendly” meeting of the already candidate with the team of the former Minister of the Interior.

On another front, confirming what we knew almost two years ago (#EsClaudia), the stampede broke out for the second of the relevant candidates: the head of government of CDMX. Two of them laid their cards on the table and exposed themselves.

If, for reasons of gender parity, Morena’s candidacy in the capital corresponds to a woman, then Iztapalapa Mayor Clara Brugada is more than ready to enter the race. If it depends on the individual, former Security Minister Omar García Harfouch submitted his resignation in time to qualify and stand as a candidate.

In the agreement that President López Obrador imposed on rivals for the governing relay, whoever finished second in the polls would be responsible for coordinating Morena’s next Senate lineup; to third place for San Lazaro and fourth place in the future cabinet. (And then they don’t want Maximato to become suspicious).

When arranging the shooting locations, those in charge of the scene did not seem to notice the potential glitch. Second place goes to Marcelo Ebrard, but not only is it questionable whether he will accept the consolation prize, but even his affiliation with Morena.
Noronha came third in a survey of mothers, so she is eligible for the corresponding prize. The detail is that it is associated with PT. But this is just a detail that can always be solved with timely help. For Adan Augusto Lopez, who finished between third and fourth place, there is no guaranteed prize. Perhaps this is why there is a rush and pressure – frustrated – to become or appear as a replacement for Mario Delgado as President of Morena.

In the style of her mentor, the presidential candidate resolved the immediate confusion by setting goals rather than handing out positions. Former tenant Bucareli will be the “political coordinator” and Ricardo Monreal will be the “organizational and territorial relations coordinator.” Nobody knows what and with whom they will agree. But no one cares. The important thing is that they already have the order, and the corresponding adjustments are completed in the office of the National Palace.

Perhaps the reason for the delay has a name: Marcelo Ebrard.

And the deadline: after national holidays.

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Source: Aristegui Noticias