Video of two teenagers running over and killing a former police officer (laughing)

A real horror video. A 64-year-old man, a former police chief, was shot by two speeding teenagers while riding his bike in Las Vegas. The incidents took place last August 14, local police reported. The person responsible for the murder would be arrested immediately after the fatal accident, but he was not alone. Another young man accompanied the driver and filmed the scene, which was later published on social networks. In the video, which is currently being reviewed by investigators, the pair can clearly be heard laughing as they hit the man. Unfortunately, images that have gone viral in recent weeks show the car approaching the man. The 64-year-old is clearly visible pedaling her bike and wearing a red dress. Suddenly the car pulls into the bike lane, honks its horn, and crashes directly into the rear wheel of the bike, sending the cyclist flying. “Damn, that one loved it!” The passenger screams at this point as the driver accelerates and runs away. The video ends with the two teenagers cursing at other drivers.

The victim was rescued and taken to hospital but unfortunately died a short time later. The 17-year-old driver was arrested on crash and hit-and-run charges the same day as the man’s death. But what framed it was the video that was shot and spread on social media. Now he will have to answer a much more serious charge: the charge of voluntary murder.

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Source: Today IT