Cúcuta: The Public Prosecution Service and Dijín destroy the domain of half the neighborhood

Detectives of the Dijín of the National Police, in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General, carried out the precautionary measures of embargo, kidnapping and suspension of the power of disposal with the aim of destroying the ownership rights of 126 properties, companies and commercial establishments, commercial doing. worth more than 65 billion pesos, allegedly acquired by former officials of the Cúcuta mayor’s office through alleged corruption.

The authorities indicated that after six months of thorough analysis of the information, they had managed to establish that these properties were part of a criminal organization of former officials of the Mayor’s Office of Cúcuta, linked to irregularities in the implementation of contracts and agreements without compliance. with legal requirements, located in the departments of Norte de Santander, Arauca and Magdalena.

The legal proceedings stem from the certification in March 2023 of copies of a criminal trial that the Dijín conducted with the third Public Prosecutor’s Office of Norte de Santander, which obtained the indictment of 15 people, including five former officials of the mayor. Office and a former corporate reinforcement officer from the same entity, who are currently under a homeland security measure.

The modality consisted of carrying out the process of liquidation and execution of contracts without compliance with legal requirements, in the School Feeding Programs (PAE) and the construction of Child Development Centers, which were not delivered to the community, causing a patrimonial damage caused. the value stands at more than six billion pesos.

In this sense, among the affected assets, a luxurious property, owned by one of the former officials commercially valued at more than 5,000 billion pesos, also one of the companies, which had 90 plots of land as assets, corresponding to 47% of the assets. the El Oasis district of the city of Cúcuta, inhabited by about 400 people.

A total of 108 plots, 7 companies, 4 farms, 3 commercial establishments, 3 apartments and a house were still available to the SAE.

Source: El heraldo