In Mexico they demand justice for the femicide of Ana María Serrano

The woman was allegedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend Allan Gil Romero who has been held since September 16 last year Atizapan of Zaragozamunicipality of the central state of Mexico, bordering the capital.

The events are said to have taken place, as described in a message on social networks from his mother: María Ximena Céspedeson September 12, when he tried to contact his daughter by phone but could not find her.

The young woman, who had started a career in medicine and wanted to become a cardiologist, was home alone, so María Ximena sent her a message, but her daughter took too long to respond and when she finally got an answer, it seemed strange to her because ““She didn’t express herself that way.”.

Afterwards, the woman, who is president of the Internal Communications Committee of the Employers’ Federation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), asked for help from a neighbor who, upon entering the house, found the young woman dead.

After the feminicide spread, José Manuel Restrepo sent a message on his social networks demanding justice, pointing out that he “never” believed he could come so close to such a “brutal” and “despicable” act.

“I cannot accept remaining silent while these types of acts continue with impunity anywhere in the world. It happened on this occasion to my niece Ana María Serrano Céspedes in Mexico, and all we want is #JusticeForAnaMaria #NiUnaMas,” the former official said.

According to Ana María’s mother, the crime was committed by the young woman’s ex-boyfriend, identified as Allan, with whom she studied high school and They dated for a year and a half.

However, when the relationship ended, the young man He started harassing her and asked her to come back.

The young man is in a local prison, where he will wait until his legal situation is determined.

Source: El heraldo