Sunday massacre: “The missile was launched by Ukrainians, not Russians”

The rocket attack on the Kostiantynivka market in eastern Ukraine on September 6 was one of the deadliest attacks in the country in recent months; at least 15 civilians killed and more than 30 injured. Metal fragments from the missile hit a market and also pierced windows and walls. .

Less than two hours later, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy blamed Russian “terrorists” for the massacre. More than a year and a half since the start of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly and systematically attacked civilians and targeted schools, markets and apartment buildings, causing death and destruction and instilling fear in the population. In April, Russians bombed houses and a kindergarten in Kostiantynivka, killing six people. Russian forces had also bombed the city the night before the market missile.

But evidence collected and analyzed by a team of defense systems experts New York Times (including missile fragments, satellite images, witness statements, security camera footage and social media posts) suggest that the attack on Wednesday, September 6 was the result of a Ukrainian missile launched from the Buk launch system. Hence an accident. It is not a Russian attack, but a tragic mistake, according to the newspaper, which published a reconstruction showing that the rocket did not come from behind Russian lines but from the northwest, thus from areas controlled by Kiev. Therefore, it could be an anti-aircraft missile that went off course due to an error during launch or a malfunction in the guidance system.

A spokesman for the Armed Forces of Ukraine said: New York Times It was stated that Kiev has launched an investigation and no other official statement can be made about the incident for now. According to the newspaper, Ukrainian authorities initially tried to prevent journalists from accessing the missile debris and impact area immediately after the attack. However, a few hours later, reporters arrived at the scene and managed to interview witnesses and also collect some parts of the gun used in Kostiantynivka.

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Source: Today IT