Russia is working on hypersonic sniper bullet: “It flies at a speed of 1,500 meters per second”

In the not too distant future, Russian snipers will be able to count on a new bullet capable of moving at a speed of 1,500 meters per second, a speed much higher than that of regular cartridges. Russia’s tests of hypersonic sniper bullets have begun, Vladislav Lobaev, chief developer of Lobaev Arms, a company that produces sniper rifles and cartridges, confirmed in the Russian press.

“We have continued the development of the hypersonic cartridge and are conducting speed and accuracy tests,” Lobaev said. Ria Novosti – We still cannot officially talk about a hypersonic cartridge, because at the moment the speed is close to hypersonic. We can already put this into production with a standard version or make it truly hypersonic. This will be a decision based on test results. “The bullet will be able to reach speeds of more than 1,500 meters per second, while the high-speed sniper bullet will travel at a maximum speed of 900 meters per second.”

In recent years, the company suspended production of the hypersonic cartridge due to the conflict in Ukraine. As Lobaev underlined, mass production of existing weapons had to be increased upon the instructions of the Kremlin. But work began again when the Ukrainian army began to use new 10×100 caliber cartridges developed by Blackwater Ammunition and equipped with very long range, high potential and high precision: “The enemy uses them from very long distances,” concluded Lobaev – even larger. More than 2 kilometers. Moreover, these bullets can penetrate any kind of protection at a distance of 1.7-1.8 kilometers.”

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Source: Today IT