Warsaw releases top secret files: “The opposition leaves half the country to Moscow”

According to him, this move of the Polish Minister of Defense, who, during the period when the current main opposition party Civil Platform (PO) was in power, made public secret documents showing that he planned to give up half of the country if he came to power, is an invasion of Russia. This is a clear election move, as the decision by minister and member of the ruling Law and Justice (Pis) party Mariusz Błaszczak to publish the dossier comes less than a month before the parliamentary elections.

For this reason, some Po supporters accused him of threatening the security of the state in the name of the party’s interests, demanding that he be tried for “treason”. In a video released by PiS on Sunday but showing the Ministry of Defense logo, Blaszczak says that “Donald Tusk’s government is ready to cede half of Poland in case of war.” The popular Tusk, who was prime minister from 2007 to 2014 and president of the European Council from 2014 to 2019, is Po’s current leader and prime ministerial candidate.

As Notes from Poland reminds us, Błaszczak’s images were published on the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of the country in September 1939, which occurred two weeks after Nazi Germany invaded from the West. In the video, the Defense Minister shows images of a 2011 dossier on the defense of Poland in the event of an invasion from the east, signed by then Po Defense Minister Bogdan Klich and marked “top secret.” “It was assumed that the independent defense of the country would last a maximum of two weeks, and after seven days the enemy would reach the right bank. [orientale] “It’s part of the Vistula,” Blaszczak said, referring to the river that crosses Poland from south to north, dividing the country in two.

“The documents clearly show that Lublin, Rzeszów and Lomza could be Poland’s Bucha,” the minister continued, suggesting that three Polish cities east of the Vistula could be witness to Russian war crimes of the kind committed in Ukraine. “PiS has changed that and will defend every part of Poland,” said Błasczask, who oversaw a series of unprecedented military purchases aimed at making the Polish army the most powerful land force on the continent.

As Notes from Poland reported, some military experts criticized the Defense Ministry’s decision to declassify a top-secret document in the middle of the ruling party’s election campaign. “This is gold for Russian intelligence,” tweeted Maciej Korowaj, a defense analyst and lieutenant colonel in the Polish military reserve. “Operational calculations can be recalibrated and doctrinal models verified. It is interesting to understand who suggested this to the minister.”

“In every country, including ours, it has until now been a strict rule that operational planning should not be discussed in public,” said defense minister Bogdan Klich, now a Civilian Coalition senator, who signed the now-public plan. , on the Wirtualna Polska website. Klich stated that the documents shown by Blaszczak were created on the basis of a national security strategy adopted by the late PiS president Lech Kaczyński at the request of the previous PiS government led by Jarosław Kaczyński, Lech’s twin and who remains PiS leader.

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Source: Today IT