Police broke the window and rescued the person trapped in the sinking car

During heavy rains that flooded downtown Atlanta, Georgia (United States), two local heroes risked their lives to save a man trapped in his car. Last September 14, during a wave of bad weather that hit the city, police officer Rayando Bryan and fire captain Terrance Simon heroically intervened and rescued a man who was at risk of drowning in his car while the plane was submerged.

Officer Bryan was on duty on Peachtree Street when he came across a dramatic scene completely submerged in floodwaters: a vehicle was already partially submerged and Captain Simon was trying to pry it open to save the driver behind the wheel. “We were out for a few minutes and the water level was rising rapidly. We had little time to take action,” Terrance Simon told US media.

The water had risen so high that it lifted the car off the ground and made it nearly impossible to open the doors. As footage posted by Atlanta police on social media shows, officer Bryan’s intervention was crucial: After diving into the river of mud, the officer broke the window with a blow from his baton, creating an escape route for the trapped driver. .

The rescued Bernard Johnson thanked his heroes both directly and through the press: “I thank them for everything, you saved my life. I specifically told them they were heroes. I noticed how high the water was.” The storm that hit Atlanta last week was extremely intense, dumping rain that would usually fall within three hours on the city in just a few minutes. In some parts of the city, the water level exceeded 1.5 meters and streets and houses were flooded.

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Source: Today IT