She breastfed her son without giving anything else for up to two years: He was saved at the last moment, the mother is in prison

The mother was sentenced to two years in prison by the Brussels Court of Appeal for breastfeeding her baby exclusively for more than two years, La Libre reports.

The case dates back to 2018, when the woman and her husband, a Belgian citizen working in the United States, were visiting their grandparents in Brussels. The grandfather noticed that the little boy, who was just over two years old at the time, was not in good health. So she discovered that her nephew had been exclusively breastfed until then. Moreover, he had never been vaccinated. Doctors who were taken to the hospital determined that the little boy weighed the weight of a 6-month-old baby and was in danger of death.

The child, who was taken from his parents and entrusted to the care of a hospital for about a year, is in good health. According to the decision of the Brussels Court of Appeal, the mother was reported and will now face a two-year prison sentence. During the hearing, the woman said, “I did all this out of love.” The child was returned to his father: According to the judges, he was not responsible for the child’s malnutrition, because it was the mother who made this decision alone, based on her own research, without consulting a doctor.

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Source: Today IT