Corruption in Ukraine, Zelensky fires everyone. Kiev earthquake

Earthquake in Kiev. After the very serious cases of corruption in the government led by Zelensky, the President of Ukraine also fired five other deputy ministers and the Secretary of State for Defense. Paolo Brera talks about this in his article published by “La Repubblica” on September 19, in which he highlights Zelensky’s need to completely remove suspicions of corruption within his government.

The earthquake in the Ministry of Defense began on September 6, when Reznikov was replaced by Rustem Umerov. “The former minister, and now his men, pay at least for not having noticed anything, while their offices bought the soldiers’ food and the winter coats in which they sent them to the freezing trenches for their weight in gold – he explains Brera in the columns of “Repubblica” – It was obvious that Umerov, an expert and never tarnished manager, would change the team crushed by indecent scandals, such as inflated contracts for those who risk their lives at the front and bribes in the military districts to avoid the trenches”.

Source: IL Tempo