The EC wants to extend the protection of Ukrainian citizens in the EU until March 2025.

The European Commission has proposed to further extend temporary protection for people fleeing Russian aggression in Ukraine until March 3, 2025.

The current rules apply until March 2024. “The Commission considers that the grounds for temporary protection remain and that temporary protection should therefore be extended as a necessary and appropriate response to the current fragile situation, which is not yet conducive to a safe and sustainable return. of people benefiting from temporary protection in the EU,” the statement reads.

The EU activated the Temporary Protection Directive on March 4, 2022 by a unanimous decision of member states and it was automatically extended for another year. The EC also announced that 4 million people across the EU are protected.

What does the EU directive entail?

The Temporary Protection Directive guarantees immediate protection and access to rights in the EU, including the right to residence, access to the labor market, housing, social, medical and other assistance, the European Commission recalled in a statement.

“The Ukraine Solidarity Platform, established by the Commission at the beginning of the war, brings together EU institutions, Member States, Schengen Associated Countries, EU agencies, international organizations, the authorities of Ukraine and Moldova. It provides an informal and flexible forum for discussion on operational issues to coordinate field support,” the statement also read.

Drama in Lviv. Russian drones completely destroyed the Caritas warehouse

The incident took place around 5 a.m. One of the drones with which the Russians attacked Lviv on Tuesday morning also hit the humanitarian aid warehouse of Caritas-Spes Ukraina.

“The attack on our warehouse once again confirmed Russia’s true intentions. There were no strategic facilities nearby,” said Caritas-Spes Ukraina Executive Director Father Vyacheslav Hrynewycz SAC.

As emphasized by Fr. Hrynewycz has managed to organize a network for humanitarian projects since the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion. “One of the branches of this network has been destroyed, so this will delay the delivery of humanitarian aid that has already been planned and distributed, and that people in great need have been waiting for,” said the executive director of Caritas-Spes Ukraina. But the most important thing is that no one was killed and no one was injured, he added.

In 2023, as a result of the implementation of rapid response projects, the religious mission Caritas-Spes Ukraina provided assistance in 23 regions, 15,000 cities and 280,046 people. Since the start of the large-scale invasion, 1,048,546 people have received assistance. The war in Ukraine, which started on February 24, 2022, has lasted more than 570 days.

Source: Do Rzeczy