Child who died in kindergarten: Fentanyl found under bed

A groundbreaking development in the investigation into the death of one-year-old Nicholas Dominici, who died of a drug overdose while he was in kindergarten in New York. Investigators found a pound of Fentanyl, a very powerful analgesic, under one of the mattresses in the room where the children were resting. Now Grei Mendez and her husband’s cousin Carlisto Acevedo Brito, who rented a room at the home care center, have been arrested. They are charged with criminal conspiracy and murder.

Nicholas had just turned one year old and had been attending Divino Niño preschool in the Bronx for several days. Sudden illness and death on September 19. The little boy died from an overdose. Three other children were hospitalized with similar symptoms and had to receive Narcan, an emergency medication used to reverse opioid overdose.

The other three babies were poisoned, most likely due to contact with Fentanyl, a powerful opioid that is becoming increasingly common in the drug market. The owner of the building was arrested. As reported in local media, the incident took place in New York, United States.

Fentanyl is a very powerful analgesic and is at least 80 times more potent than morphine. Its derivatives are illegally synthesized and sold as “synthetic heroin” or mixed with heroin.

Divino Niño is one of more than six thousand home preschools in New York. He had a regular driver’s license and had passed his surprise inspection a few weeks ago. However, according to the police, the children entrusted to the nursery (all between eight months and two years old) inhaled the drug. In addition to the medicine, the building also contained three presses used to package kilos of medicine. Federal prosecutors accuse the suspects of “conspiring to distribute narcotics resulting in death.” “They poisoned four children and killed one as they ran a drug operation at the daycare,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Damien Williams said in a statement Tuesday.

Mayor Eric Adams underlined the potential impact of the drug, saying, “A tiny piece of a fingernail can kill an adult. So imagine what that could do to a child.” said.

Surveillance cameras and phone records show Mendez found the children unconscious and called her husband before calling 911. The wanted man is alleged to have removed some bags from the nursery before help arrived.

Mendez denies the accusations through his lawyer. “He didn’t know. Lawyer Andres Aranda said he rented a room to someone and did not know what happened. It’s a tragedy for the kids, and it’s a tragedy for him, because I don’t think he was involved in what happened. So it’s really bad for everyone.”

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Source: Today IT