He changed his life for love, his partner stabbed him to death and hanged himself

From Italy to Spain. A change of country and life, a move made out of love, which led him to death. Former nurse Nicoleta Buliga Lupo, 51, was stabbed to death by her new partner Ioan Corbaceri, 54, who committed suicide shortly after the crime. For years, Nicoleta worked as an operating room technician at the San Camillo hospital in Treviso, before making the decision to fly to Spanish soil last June until the dramatic epilogue between Thursday, September 14 and Friday, September 15.

Nicola Cendron reports TrevisoTodayA 51-year-old young man was found lifeless in his home; More than ten blows were inflicted on his neck, chest, arms and other parts of his body with a 20-centimeter kitchen knife. The body of Ioan Corbaceri was found next to the body of the woman who committed suicide by hanging herself inside the house on Via La Union in Castellon de la Plana, not far from the city of Valencia. The news shocked the 51-year-old man’s former colleagues and many friends still in the province of Treviso. Meanwhile, Spanish police are investigating the crime to unravel the outlines of a story that still remains a mystery. The last photo showing them happily together dates back to September 8: It was he who posted this photo on social networks.

Born in Chisinau, Romania, on November 4, 1971, Nicoleta Buliga Lupo had many friends and deep roots in the province of Treviso, where she moved to an apartment in the Santa Maria del Rovere district in 2002: since 2004 she worked in medicine at the local hospital San Camillo and then He works in the operating room. Even in the days before the murder, some former colleagues exchanged messages with the 51-year-old man, who found a job in Spain at a center providing services for the elderly (Vicente Vilar Morellà in Almassora) and now serves there. Exchange at La Plana hospital in Vila-Real. Nicoleta said she was tired but happy about this new experience.

Her relationship with the man who would later become her killer began two years ago: she was living in Spain, and the 51-year-old had long been planning to leave Italy to move in with his partner. The woman broke up with her first husband a few years ago: together they had a son, 26-year-old Emanuel Dacian Lupo, who flew to Spain after receiving the terrible news. The mayor of the Spanish city where the femicide took place recently declared a day of mourning.

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