The judge of Justice and Peace submits a complaint of threats to the Public Prosecution Service

The magistrate of the Knowledge Chamber for Justice and Peace of the Supreme Court of Barranquilla, Gustavo Roa Avendaño, has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of threats against “unspecified” people, specifically for the investigation of the Working Group on National Threats and the specialized directorate against human rights violations.

The man’s action comes a few days after he warned of an alleged follow-up plan to attack him and filed a request with the National Protection Unit, UNP, asking for his security plan to be strengthened.

According to Roa Avendaño, he received information on his phone via WhatsApp about the “possible configuration of an attack against me and my family, which I suspect comes from the certified copies that I delivered to the Public Prosecutor’s Office by decision of August 29, 2023 . General of the nation…’

In this sense, the magistrate was referring to a request for an investigation into two citizens who were accused some time ago of financing local paramilitarism. But now, by filing a complaint against unspecified individuals, the investigating agency will be responsible for determining the origin of the alleged harassment.

To this end, the magistrate states in the complaint: “I request that the investigative work be carried out to determine the risk in which my family and I find ourselves and the authors of such a criminal threat.” And he adds: “I am prepared to file an extension of this complaint, and to certify myself under oath and provide evidence. I will receive a summons to this effect in…”.

Source: El heraldo