Children’s (and politics) writer who stabbed her husband to death

The murder received national coverage because of the victim, a respected university professor, as well as the husband of a popular children’s book author who was also a city council member close to a French government minister. And she, Justine Jotham, admitted murdering her partner Patrice Charlemagne with a series of stab wounds at their Dunkirk home after trying to stage a robbery that ended badly.

The murder occurred on the night between Saturday and Sunday: The 51-year-old man, a literature teacher at the university, was found with multiple stab wounds in his bedroom on the first floor. It was 36-year-old Jotham who called the police and reported the murder, claiming that her husband had been shot by thieves who broke into their home. A few hours after these events, the story reached the chambers of the Paris government: “Our city was shaken last night by a terrible tragedy that claimed the life of a resident of Dunkirk. I want to express my deep emotion and surprise.” Patrice Vergriete, the mayor of the town in north-eastern France and Minister of Housing, said Monday wrote the day on Facebook.

Moreover, Vergriete knows Lotham well, who was a candidate and was later elected to the municipal ticket, where he became mayor. Of course, the minister would never have thought that just two days later he would be detained and accused of murdering Charlemagne. However, from the first hours, the researchers realized that something was not right with the woman’s story. Various elements have raised more than one suspicion. In particular, there was “a cut on the left side corresponding to a glove found at the scene” and “analysis of smartphones indicates tension between the spouses” and “inconsistencies in the story of events”. “. On Wednesday Lotham was taken into custody and when interrogated he confessed to the murder.

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Source: Today IT