King Charles III in France, Macron’s slip-up: “He didn’t resist”, what happened

The first rule of etiquette in these cases is “never touch English royalty”, recalls Corriere della sera, which explains how French President Emmanuel Macron violated the rule on the occasion of King Charles III’s visit to France. And it is not the first time that protocol has been violated by the head of the Élysée in similar circumstances. “Macron could not resist, he is stronger than him. Touching the interlocutor is a sign of friendship, of trust, of equal dignity. He placed his hand on the Pope’s shoulder, in the Vatican, in 2018, horrifying protocol experts, much less if he he could have stayed yesterday, under the Arc de Triomphe, when he had King Charles III of England within his reach”, comments Stefano Montefiori describing the scene, with the president grabbing the royal arm in a friendly way.

A visit in style, just think that British stars of the caliber of Mick Jagger, Hugh Grant, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Ken Follett were invited to the gala dinner organized in Versailles. Macron thanked King Charles III for his state visit to France, calling it “a sign of friendship and trust”, as well as a “tribute to our past” and a “guarantee of the future”. “Despite Brexit, because what unites us comes from so far away and you are here today, Your Majesty, I know that we will continue to write together part of the future of our Continent, to face the challenges and serve the causes we want. have in common”, he said yesterday in the sumptuous setting of the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.

On the second day of the visit, there is anticipation for the speech that the monarch will make before the French Senate, addressing both deputies and senators. Carlo and Camilla will then travel to Saint Denis, north of Paris, where they will meet local sporting groups and protagonists as France hosts the Rugby World Cup. The two monarchs will then visit the Paris flower market, named after Queen Elizabeth II, and then join the French president in front of Notre-Dame cathedral, where they will check the progress of renovation works on the old church, devastated by fire. in 2019. Charles and Macron will also attend a reception for British and French business leaders on financing climate and biodiversity projects. The king will conclude his trip tomorrow with a stop in Bordeaux, a city in the southwest that is home to a large British community.

Source: IL Tempo